About us

evan roberts founder of Roberts Pianos Houston

Music was an important part of my upbringing, I grew up listening to my father play the piano, and classical music on our families car journeys.

While growing up the three Roberts siblings spent many hours around pianos, and conversations around the dinner table and holidays cleaning keys, brasses, eventually tuning, playing pianos for clients and voicing.

I have taught the piano to several of my closest friends, and enjoying sharing the love of music with those who appreciate its power and the discipline required.

The following videos will hopefully provide some context to how and why I do what I do, and enjoy it to this day.

My story in pianos

My knowledge of musical conscepts and sounds comes from church music, an MMus and BA in music.

Interviewing my father Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts started tuning pianos near Emsworth, in the south of the United Kingdom. He opened his first store in Portsmouth on the south coast, and then later opened Roberts Pianos Oxford, where he sells top quality German, British, Japanese, and Austrian pianos.

Visiting Roberts Pianos Oxford my fathers store

Interviewing my brother Stephen Roberts

Richard, my oldest brother tunes pianos in France. This video shows his incredible ear, and talent for getting older pianos back up and running again. He specializes in multi-day in house piano recovery.