evan roberts founder of Roberts Pianos Houston

Music was an important part of my upbringing, I grew up listening to my father play the piano. Through the years I spent many years around pianos in my father’s shop www.robertspianos.com. I studied piano privately, and eventually went to college at Oxford Brooks University to study music. I enjoy serving the music community and look forward to helping you with an instrument that can be a joy to play for you and your family.

The following videos should provide some context to how and why I do what I do, and enjoy it to this day.

Interviewing my father Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts started tuning pianos near Emsworth, in the south of the United Kingdom. He opened his first store in Portsmouth on the south coast, and then later opened Roberts Pianos Oxford, where he sells top quality German, British, Japanese, and Austrian pianos. 

Evan Roberts’ story

Ba in Music, and a masters degree in songwriting, learnt to play music in the church house group. 

A day visiting Roberts Pianos Oxford my fathers store

Interviewing my brother Stephen Roberts

Richard, my oldest brother tunes pianos in France. This video shows his incredible ear, and talent for getting older pianos back up and running again. He specializes in multi-day in house piano recovery.