Mason & Hamlin

We just got our first Mason & Hamlin grand in stock. Here is some information about the brand.

Mason & Hamlin pianos are some of the most sought-after instruments in the world. The company is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and quality, producing pianos that are praised for their tone, touch and longevity.

Mason & Hamlin pianos have been around since 1854, when Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin founded the company in Boston, MA. Since then, the company has established a legacy of excellence in the piano world, creating instruments that are renowned for their sound and playability.

Mason & Hamlin pianos are known for their rich and powerful sound, which is produced by the company’s patented Scale Design. This unique design gives Mason & Hamlin pianos a unique tonal character, which is characterized by a deep and clear bass, a clear and articulate mid-range, and an clear treble.

Mason & Hamlin pianos are also well-known for their touch. The company has developed a unique action that is designed to give the pianist maximum control over the instrument’s sound.

Still going strong, distinguished buyers are still choosing this quality brand, as one of the top pianos in the world.

This piano you can see in the video is set to have a set of new Able special press hammers in place of the old ones, and we are excited to hear what it will sound like.