Kawai KG-2D grand piano

Fine Japanese grand piano with balanced rich tone and responsive touch. Highly recommended.
Amongst the top makers of pianos in the world today, Kawai originally from Japan, are now made in several countries. We prefer the ones made in Japan, such as this one and can notice the difference quite quickly when playing, and hearing the difference.
Comes with matching black matching bench.



Origin: Japan
Leg Room: 24.5
Casework: Ebony
Serial Number: 1269656
Year: 1981

Dimensions: 39.5 H x 59 W x 72 D

Sound example

About K. Kawai

K. Kawai has an included ‘k’ which was placed on mid to high quality Japanese made Kawai pianos as a way to differentiate them from other models produced in lesser known Asian countries. In the early days no differentiation was made, until demand surged, and competition for lower priced Chinese and Korean pianos came into the US and European markets. 

Our preparation process

We take time to recondition each piano, taking care to provide quality instruments that will last. 

We follow a checklist to guide our preparation. 

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