Mason & Hamlin BB

Mason & Hamlin BB

Known for their rich and warm sound, the Mason & Hamilton Model BB is an ideal choice for a concert grand. These pianos can often be found in auditoriums, conservatories, performance halls, professional studios, and spacious homes. Its sound packs a punch, from its deep resonant bass to its clear singing like treble.

The piano is from 1921 which is a renowned period of manufacture for Mason & Hamlin. The piano was part of a memorial estate. Includes a signature from Anna Case (see last photo)

This piano is a work in progress, with new back checks being replaced. The piano has some cosmetic damage add $10,000 for full refinish.



Origin: USA
Leg Room: 25
Casework: Pecan
Type: field_65fe5e7625631
Serial Number: 29714
Year: 1921

Dimensions: 40 H x 62 W x 84

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We take time to recondition each piano, taking care to provide quality instruments that will last. 

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