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Schafer & Sons VS-40 Console Piano

$1,650.00 $1,402.50


Made in Korea, this Schaefer upright was made in the Samick factory. Complete with a mellow tone in like new condition, with even touch. The age is relative to the wear on a piano, this piano has hardly any use.

Piano information

Origin: South Korea
Leg Room: 23.5
Casework: Ebony
Type: Upright
Year: 1982
Serial Number: 416620

Dimensions: x W x D

Our preparation process

We take time to recondition each piano, taking care to provide quality instruments that will last. 

On the right we are repining a Yamaha U3 upright piano that came in with loose pins, we replaced the pins, tapes, and did a full regulation before delivering the piano to its new home. 

Repining a Yamaha upright piano

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